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PAPERPAK solid container are increasingly being used for the replacements of less efficient packaging materials andmethods such as plywoodcases,sacks,plastic or steel drums and fibc bags.




高雄紙箱          Good easy re-packing carton

PAPERPAK structure and load capacity of a new breakthrough in the patent, stack
Strength up to 7500KG or more, to meet a variety of product specifications, pressure,
.. And so needs protection; provision of global environmental issues and practical new trend of packaging materials
, Instead of the traditional cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, metal box, drum great program,
Packaging in the history of the safety, environmental, economic, and convenient new choice.

High protective
PAPERPAK compressive strength of up to 7500kg, using the patent structure
Improve the impact resistance protection, to provide better buffer, and improve product package
Protective equipment.
Easy to use
PAPERPAK show me to the loading, packing the process of preparing simple, the most
Fast 30 seconds to complete, very easy to use. Client arrival of the goods, Can easily store the recovery.
Reduce costs
PAPERPAK can save 80% warehouse costs, weight reduction can alsoLower transportation costs, better remove smoke and heat treatment time and cost
For the client to save storage and subsequent processing costs
高雄紙箱 Powder Bin Powder Bin Reduce costs Reduce costs
High protective
Pressure more
than 7.5 tons
Easy to use
Assembled within 30 seconds
Less space
80% reduction in storage
Reduce costs
Improve product profitability
Increase traffic
Reduce shipping costs
Reduce costs Reduce costs Reduce costs Reduce costs Reduce costs
Implementation of 
environmental protection

100% resource recovery
To meet product 
Do not smoke
Save time and cost-saving
Streamline human
Shorten the loading process
Enhance the corporate image
protection tailored to the top
We have accumulated 20 years of professional experience in paper covered wood, can take full advantage of high plasticity of structural characteristics of paper, according to the needs of different customer product features, the customized production. Can be completed in the shortest period of time packing and loading tests of evaluation recommendations, so that our customers have the safest, most convenient, most economical and most environmentally friendly packaging a new choice.


Widely used in packaging are as follows:

Solid: 3C technology products, optoelectronics, machinery and equipment, components, precision metal ... all kinds of products.

Raw materials: petrochemical raw materials, granular materials, sheet materials, block rubber, food powder ... all kinds of raw materials.

Other categories: all kinds of fruits and vegetables, furniture, household appliances, freezers, motorcycles, auto parts ... large-scale products.
Customer use case: double re-packaging cartons  
液體包裝 高雄紙盒
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